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Dumbing of Age: we can ship it

I’m reasonable sure I’ve posted this before, but damn, it is such a masterful track. I love the new album One is the Other, but this song captures the essence of the Billy Hart Quartet for me.

If your vector space is a shopping cart full of groceries, then the checkout clerk is a linear operator on that space.
Under the Ba’ath Party regime, there was no political freedom, but there was a high degree of social freedom. Muslim, Christian, Jew and Atheist could do their own thing in their own way, as long as they stayed out of politics. Today, we have political freedom–in theory at least–but practically no social freedom, as unaccountable religious militias control every aspect of social life.


Charles Mingus Sextet feat. Eric Dolphy - Take the “A” Train [complete]


Who is this man? [x]


Who is this man? [x]


'Throughout' by Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra

One of jazz’s most gifted and influential bassists, Charlie Haden, has died aged 76. R.I.P.

He can be seen in the above video perfoming Bill Frisell’s searingly beautiful piece, ‘Throughout’, with his Liberation Music Orchestra (ft. Carla Bley).

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